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Pippa Steele Trophy

Stafford Sunday Ladies Singles Knockout - Pippa Steele Trophy

Played on Sunday 21st October 2017

Venue Kennys Sportsbar

  Congratulations to Irene Wood on becoming ladies Champion for the 3rd time in row. She overcame the challenge of another 3 time ladies champion in Charlotte Shelley 4-1 in the Final. The match was a lot closer then the score line suggests as both players showed off their county experience.   Irene, however was to work a lot harder to reach the final then Charlotte as she had come through a play off group with Tasha Farmer and Lynda Simpson. Irene had a close match against Tasha winning 2-1 and then played another county ladies player Lynda and won 2-0.   In the semi final Charlotte was drawn against Charlene Marsden-Till and ran out 3-0 Winner. Irene then played Kirsty Lawrence, Kirsty the week before, inflicted a first defeat over Irene but this time Irene made amends and won 3-0 to reach the Final.

Results on the Finals night

Play Off Group Results - 3 player Round Robin

Irene Wood 2-1 Tasha Farmer

Irene Wood 2-0 Lynda Simpson

Tasha Farmer NM Lynda Simpson

Semi Final Results

Charlotte Shelley 3-0 Charlene Marsden-Till

Irene Wood 3-0 Kirsty Lawrence

Final Result - referees : Tom Vernon & Dave Whitfield

Charlotte Shelley 1-4 Irene Wood

Thank you to Kennys Sportsbar on hosting the final.

Stafford Sunday Doubles Knockout Finals

Played Sunday 22nd October 2017

Venue : Kennys Sportsbar

  Congratulations to Hop Pole C’s Alan Mason & Mick Addison on becoming the Stafford Sunday Pool League Doubles champions. They saw off the challenge of Kennys Bear’s Gavin Davies & Jim Simpson in the Final, winning 4-1.   Alan Mason was runner up last season (with Duncan Sunderland) and wins his first individual trophy alongside Mick Addison who had now won his 3rd doubles title (Previously 2001 & 2006 -both with John Grobnik). Gav Davies was a previous winner back in 2005 (with Lee Whitehouse) whereas it was Jim Simpson first final.  In the semi final, defending champions Rob Wharne & Dave Whitfield suffered a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Davies & Simpson. The match featured 3 x 8 ball clearances, 2 by Davies and 1 by Wharne. In the other Semi Final, Mason & Addison won 3-0 against first time semi finalists Brendon Ruttledge & Andy Pearcey.   In the Final it was a game of tension and a tactical fight. The match took a turn when both Mason & Addison changed the tempo and fine clearances from both Mason & Addison clinch the doubles crown in front of a good size crowd.

Results on the night

Semi Final

Dave Whitfield & Rob Wharne (The Kennys Cue/Institute SC) 2-3 GAV DAVIES & JIM SIMPSON

ALAN MASON & MICK ADDISON 3-0 Brendon Ruttledge & Andy Pearcey (Joiners Arms)


ALAN MASON & MICK ADDISON 4-1 Gav Davies & Jim Simpson

  Thanks goes to Gaz Bryant, Simon W Davies, Alan Farrow, Les Murphy, Jason Armishaw and Neil Addison on their reffing duties and timekeeping. Also thank you to Kennys Sportsbar for hosting the event.

Stafford Sunday Singles Knockout Finals

Played Sunday 5th November 2017 @Kennys Sportsbar

  For the first time in 8 seasons, there is a New Singles Champion. Congratulations to Gavin Davies (Kennys Bear) as he ran out a worthy champion by defeating Mike Barker (The Kennys Cue) 5-2 in the Final.   It was Gav Davies's 2nd appearance in the Final, the other being in 2004 which he lost to Tim McGann. It was Mike Barker’s 3rd Final but again had to settle for 2nd place after losses in the 2008 final to Andy Rawlinson and 2014 to Rob Wharne. Rob Wharne (Institute SC) long unbeaten run finally came to an end after losing to Barker 4-3 in the Semi Final. A 46 match winning streak which had seen the England international dominate the Sunday Singles competition since 2010. However Gav Davies seized his chance and was flawless on the Finals Night as he saw off the challenge of Warren Jesney 3-0 (quarter final), Alan Sim 4-1 (Semi Final) and then Mike Barker 5-2 in the Final. Mike Barker route to the final saw him ran out a 3-0 winner over Aaron Atkin (quarter final) before his famous 4-3 win over Rob Wharne in the semi Final

Full Results Quarter Finals MIKE BARKER 3-0 Aaron Atkin (Metro Bar) ROB WHARNE (Institute SC) 3-1 Pete Sandhar (Kennys) GAV DAVIES 3-0 Warren Jesney (Metro Bar A) ALAN SIM (Institute SC) 3-0 Mark Sheerin (GPO Social A)

Semi Final MIKE BARKER 4-3 Rob Wharne GAV DAVIES 4-1 Alan Sim

Final Mike Barker 2-5 GAV DAVIES

Also a big Thank You to all the people who helped on Finals Night with all the refereeing and timekeeping. Alan Farrow, Gaz Bryant, Lynda Simpson, Dave Whitfield, Mark Billingsley, Robbie Jenkinson, David Richardson, Jim Simpson, Dave Baker, Peter Sandhar, Jason Armishaw, Neil Addison and Simon W Davies Also thank you to Kennys Sportsbar for hosting the event

Well done to all players who entered this years competition.

Stafford Sunday Singles Plate Ko Finals

Played Sunday 5th November @Kennys Sportsbar

  Dave Whitfield (The Kennys Cue) became the Singles Plate Winner after defeating Chris Broomhall (Kennys) 4-3 in the Final. Broomhall took a 3-2 lead with some fine clearances from difficult positions but a couple missed chances in the last 2 frames let Whitfield back in and he closed the game out to secure the individual plate competition.   In the semi final Broomhall, put in a fine performance to see off the challenge of Robbie Jenkinson  winning 3-0 to book his place in the Final. The other Semi Final was a close fought match. Alan Farrow raced into a 2-0 lead but Whitfield pegged him back and took it to a decider. Farrow had a great chance on the black but rattled it and Whitfield seized his chance to win 3-2.

Semi Final DAVE WHITFIELD 3-2 Alan Farrow (Metro Bar A) CHRIS BROOMHALL 3-0 Robbie Jenkinson (St Georges)

Final DAVE WHITFIELD 4-3 Chris Broomhall

Well done to all players during the competition and thank you to Lynda Simpson, Dave Baker, (both semi Finals), Jason Armishaw and Peter Sandhar for reffing/timekeeping the Final. Thank you to Kennys Sportsbar for hosting the finals night.