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2018 Summer League Players

 Player Team Frames
1Addison, MickHOP POLE C641060.000
2Addison, NeilST. GEORGES A12333.330
3Alldis, JamesGPO CLUB A24633.330
4Alldiss, PhilGPO CLUB A31475.000
5Alldritt, AlanKENNYS ISLANDERS63966.670
6Alldritt, SeanKENNYS ISLANDERS42666.670
7Anderson, TomRED RUM11250.000
8Armishaw, JasonST. GEORGES A42666.670
9Ashton, DaveMETRO BAR A35837.500
10Atkin, AaronMETRO BAR14520.000
11Baidwan, PaddyST. GEORGES51683.330
12Balding, RickyGPO CLUB B52771.430
13Barker, DaveTHE KENNYS CUE1111291.670
14Barker, MikeTHE KENNYS CUE741163.640
15Batkin, WayneSTARS & STRIPES GART44850.000
16Billingsley, ScottKENNYS202100.000
17Booth, LOXLEATHERS B43757.140
18Bradshaw, MattGPO CLUB C281020.000
19Britton, RussINSTITUTE JAFFAS53862.500
20Brockey, JST. GEORGES0110.000
21Broomhall, ChrisKENNYS ISLANDERS53862.500
22Brown, AlbyPRINCESS ROYAL B43757.141
23Brown, KevHOP POLE C461040.000
24Brown, LucasGPO CLUB C461040.000
25Brown, RoyMETRO BAR A44850.000
26Brundrett, BeckieRED RUM0330.000
27Bryant, GazJOINERS ARMS741163.640
28Bryant, JaimeGPO CLUB B26825.000
29Bryant, MickGPO CLUB A52771.430
30Burrows, SPRINCESS ROYAL B33650.000
31Carr, MOXLEATHERS B15616.670
32Charlesworth, LewisKENNYS TITANS45944.440
33Clark, ChrisKENNYS22450.000
34Collins, LiamTHE KENNYS CUE31475.000
35Collins, ShaneKENNYS TOOLZ31475.000
36Cooper, AdeleHIGHFIELDS CLUB B461040.000
37Cooper, JakeKENNYS51683.330
38Cooper, ShaunKENNYS 8's101100.000
39Crosby, JamiePRINCESS ROYAL A751258.330
40Crossley, CPRINCESS ROYAL B25728.570

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